About Us

Pd owner Yaakov Yair, one of the leading real estate Jerusalem,
A broad knowledge based on market characteristics, sales and marketing channels in real estate.
About Us ...
• 12 agents who specialize in their respective. (Of which 6 in Beit Hakerem)
• seniority of 20 years in the Beit Hakerem
• specialize in negotiation
• We have a large pool of customers
• recognize all existing assets and proposed market
Cooperation within the framework of Sir"n- exposure to all real estate office in Jerusalem about 100 offices
• cooperate closely with personal and mortgage banks, appraisers and lawyers.
• high standards of ethics and the most stringent service
• methods and tools to market your property professionally
• Ministry of Amin who has made numerous transactions in the neighborhood and that he had a relationship
Good with the community.
We believe that the combined knowledge and experience of our office property markets would bring the highest payoff for you to sellers

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